The Majestic Dolomites

  • Starting location: Alta Badia
  • Ending location: Alta Badia
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This guided or self guided hut-to-hut walk takes in the 'best bits' of the 'Alta Via' and the majestic Dolomites.

The Dolomites striking pillared scenery remains unequalled anywhere else in the world and is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. The culture, cuisine and language of the South Tyrol and Alta Badia is different to any other, a mix of Ladin (an ancient alpine language still surviving), German and Italian.

If you are a mountain walker and nature lover then the Dolomites will appeal to you; with its vast expanse of flower-filled alpine meadows and magnificent evergreen forests that clad the hillside beneath towering snow-capped peaks and mountain cascades. The lunar-like landscapes of the high mountains contrast with the picturesque farmsteads and churches of the valleys and plateau. This guided or self-guided walk takes in the best of the 'Alta Via'.

What's included:

  • Bookings of all huts and hotels
  • Half-board (breakfast + dinner)
  • Detailed walking maps
  • Briefing with guide on arrival day
  • Guide for the duration of the trek tour (guided tour only)
  • Non-alcoholic drinks during meals (guided tour only)
  • Baggage transfers from hut to hut (guided tour only)
  • Lunches in mountain huts (guided tour only)
  • Return Venice Airport transfer (guided tour only)

What's excluded:

  • Fights
  • Travel insurance
  • Note that some of the included items are only with the guided tour

Holiday Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrive at your hotel

Arrive in your hotel in Badia where you will meet your guide for a briefing. Dinner and overnight stay in hotel.

Day 2 - Badia to Fanes National Park

  • 17km
  • 1650m with a descent of 900m

Start in Badia walking through the Passo S.Antonio to Santa Croce. Dinner and overnight stay in a hut.

Day 3 - Fanes to Lagazuoi

  • 12km
  • 1110m with a descent of 450m

From Fanes Natural Park to Lagazuoi through Forcella dal Lago. Dinner and overnight stay in a hut.

Day 4 - Lagazuoi to Paralongia

  • 13.5km
  • 650m with a descent of 1250m

From Lagazuoi to Pralongià passing through places where World War I was fought. Dinner and overnight stay in a hut.

Day 5 - Paralongia to Passo Gardena

  • 14.5km
  • 950m with a desent of 950m

From Pralongià to Passo Gardena via Corvara with dinner and overnight stay in a hut. There is an alternative difficulty level available today, depending on your energy.

Average – Distsnce: approx. 13 km. Ascent: 850 m. Decent: 800 m
Challenging – Distance: approx. 15 km. Ascent: 1.000 m. Descent: 950 m


Day 6 - Gardena to Refigio Gardenacia

  • 9.8km
  • 650m with a descent of 750m

Todays walk is through the lunar landscaped of the Puez Natural Park followed by dinner and overnight stay in a hut.

Challenging – Distance: approx. 14 km. Ascent: 900 m.  Descent: 1.000 m

Day 7 - Refugio Ghernacia to Badia

  • 5km
  • 10m with a descent of 750m

Today is the last stage from the Refufio Ghernacia down to Badia, walking across the Ghernacia plateau with it’s spectacular views of the Dolomites. It’s a  fairy tale ending! You will have dinner and overnight stay in an hotel.

You can choose to walk this stage at two different levels of difficulty.
Average – Distance: approx. 8 km  Ascent: 250 m. Descent: 950 m
Challenging – Distance:  approx. 11.5 km. Ascent: 350 m.  Descent: 1050 m

Day 8 - Depart

Transfer to the airport or you can extend your stay in this wonderful part of Italy.

Important information

The best walking season is from mid June to mid July and from the 20th of August to mid September, with August being particularly busy in the rifugios.  There is an average of 4 to 5 hours walking every day.

Dates and prices

Guided tour available dates

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Arrival date
June 17, 2017
July 8, 2017
July 29, 2017
September 2, 2017

Guided tour available dates

These are the dates available where you will travel by yourselves. These holidays are much more flexible in when you can arrange to stay. Pick the month you would like to arrive, then in the enquiry form tell us what your preferred arrival date would be.

Arrival date
17 June to 24 June
6 July to 13 July
29 July to 3 August
2 September to 9 September

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