Why Choose Footprint Holidays?

On a Footprint holiday we want you to feel a real connection with the people, the landscape, culture, food and the environment.

  • All our holidays are 'hand-picked', which means that everyone on our sales team has been on at least one of our holidays.
  • We have visited, stayed in and thoroughly inspected all the accommodation we propose.
  • We seek out English speaking locals who live in the region or who are married to a local so that you are able to experience the local, history, food, customs and traditions.
  • We do not deal with large groups so have time to speak to you and help plan your holiday.
  • Our sales team are always available on the telephone or email to answer your questions.
  • We are able to 'tailor', where possible, your holiday to your specific needs.
  • We will provide detailed documentation about your holiday or accommodation.

About Us

We have evolved our business from providing summer and winter mountain activity holidays in catered chalets in the French Alps, to offering attractive year-round destinations with exciting and unusual things to do and places to see.

More than 50% of our guests return to holiday with us year-upon-year, so we think we know what matters to them, from the beds they sleep on, to the food they eat and the things they like do.

After 20 years of building strong relationships with chalet owners, suppliers, hoteliers and ‘the locals’, we felt that we ready to offer our guests more.

We always listen to what our guests say, so when we asked “what are you looking for in non-Alpine destinations and activities?” we were taken aback with the volume of replies.

Their replies have taken us to different places, in different countries, we have meet and made new friends who we feel we can trust to look after our guests in the same way we do in our chalets in the French Alps.

Our first adventure was in the Alsace, where we found Glenn, an Englishman, who has spent the last 20 years leading bicycle and gastronomy tours along the Alsatian wine routes. Then we discovered a luxury, floating-hotel company who cruise the French canal systems, providing an amazing combination of exquisite food, wine and service which any top-class hotel would be proud to offer.

Next, we found an association of French guides who provide guided and un-guided walks through some of the coastal and undiscovered hinterland of the Côtes d’Azur. Then we discovered western Provence, rich in history, culture, beautiful scenery, great food, wine and olive oil with a huge range of things to do and see.

In everything we evaluated and researched, we were ruled by a number of considerations: would our guests be comfortable; would they be looked after as they have come to expect from us; could we put our hands on our hearts and ‘guarantee’ a great experience; are our selected locals truly English-speaking; do they really know the area inside-out and back-to-front?

We visit every accommodation we recommend, experience every holiday and are driven by an over-riding desire to allow our guests to create their own adventures, make new friends, ‘re-discover’ our favourite destinations and bring home a wealth of joyful, lasting memories.

We want to inspire you!

We plan all our holidays meticulously, it sometimes takes months, or even years to find and fine-tune them and all aspects are regularly reviewed to ensure they remain in keeping with the Footprint philosophy.

We are drawn to destinations or regions that are sometimes forgotten or may have become less fashionable despite still being unusual and beautiful. so that you can re-discover and fall in love with them all over again

We try to ensure that no two days are the same, and that the routes and suggested excursions are full of interest. For our walking and cycling holidays, we seek advice from local guides and other people who know the trails, and spend as much time as necessary exploring between villages to be sure of choosing the best possible route.

Our itineraries and holiday suggestions allow you to discover the flora and fauna, the cultural treasures and the fascinating local history, all of which will be brought to life for you by the locals you’ll meet.

Last, but by no means least, we – search for friendly, family-run hotels, villas and farmhouses of character where you’ll find a warm welcome and a dinner of delicious local dishes to round off each day perfectly.

Our villas and farmhouses have child-secure pools . We ensure they are furnished to the highest standards and are either perfect for family holidays with children or characterful and comfortable for adults: in locations that are beautiful, allow privacy and near enough to beaches, restaurants, shops and places of interest.