Booking your holiday

Once you’ve looked at our web-site and decided where you would like to go and what you would like to do, just follow the simple steps below to secure your dream holiday.  (And if you just can’t decide, or feel spoilt for choice, please call Liz or Paul on +44 (0) 1942 837 633 or email

The following assumes that you have read and agreed our Booking Conditions

  1. Let us know what holiday you are interested in, and where and when you would like to go.  We will check availability and confirm costs, and get back to you, normally within a few hours, if your requirements are simple.  If there are many elements to your holiday, this process may take rather longer.
  2. If you agree the price and the timing, we will need to take certain details to complete the booking (see Section A).
  3. If you are booking more than 8 weeks before your departure, you will need to pay a deposit to secure your holiday.  The deposit amount depends upon the holiday you have chosen.  If you are booking within 8 weeks of travel, the full amount is due on booking.  For payment methods, (see Section B).
  4. If we are arranging travel for you, the travel element will need to be paid for at the time of booking, in order to secure this with the carrier.
  5. Once the payments have been received, we will confirm your booking by email.  This will be followed by a formal Booking Confirmation and Invoice plus an ATOL certificate if your holiday has a flight element.  Please ensure that you check these documents carefully and contact us immediately if any information is incorrect as it may impossible to make changes later, without paying an amendment fee.
  6. You pay the balance 8 weeks before departure.
  7. Your detailed itinerary (see Section C) will be sent to you 2 weeks before you travel – or immediately, if you have booked with 2 weeks of travel.
  8. Additional information.  Section D contains a list of additional information which we may need to process certain elements of your booking and/or which may be required by some of our suppliers (depending upon destination and means of travel).
  9. Worst part now over!  You can relax and look forward to an amazing holiday.

Section A - details we will need from you

  • your name, address, email address and telephone contact details
  • full passport name and date of birth of all party members
  • any restrictions on accessibility by any party member
  • any dietary or other special requirements we should know
  • if we are arranging bike hire for you: the height of each cyclist and whether standard of electric model
  • if we are arranging car hire for you: the name of the all driver(s) and their drivers’ number(s)
  • if we are arranging a channel crossing with a vehicle for you:  the make, model, registration number, height and length of your car


Section B - payment methods

Payments can be made in GBP sterling only by:

  • bank or building society cheque (payable to Footprint Holidays Trust Account
  • online transfer direct into the Footprint Holidays Trust Account (details available on request)
  • Visa, MasterCard (Credit or Debit)
  • We incur a charge of 3% on all Credit Cards, which we reluctantly have to add to all Invoices settled by this method.  There is no charge for Debit Cards.


Section C - detailed itinerary

This will be sent to you no later than 2 weeks before your departure date, normally in the form of an email, if there are no hard-copy attachments.  If we need to send you hard-copies, we will send this to your home address by Royal Mail.  Even if there are no hard-copy attachments, you have the option to receive this by post, if you wish.  Please let us know.

Also please let us know well in advance if you would prefer these to be sent to another postal address other than your home.  We will include all joining instructions to show where you need to be, and by when, and we will also include any maps, books, etc., plus confirmation of any other travel arrangements which you have asked us to book for you.

Section D - additional information required

Not all of this information is required for every booking, but here is a complete list of details we may need in certain circumstances:

  • postal and email addresses of all party members
  • their mobile numbers whilst travelling
  • for flight bookings: nationality, passport number, place and date of issue, and expiry date – to meet Advance Passenger Information requirements
  • if not using a Footprint Holiday arranged travel insurance policy: the insurer, policy number and medical emergency helpline of all party members travelling under their own insurance
  • emergency contact details of next-of-kin or friend/relative


Travel Insurance

It is a condition of booking with us that all party members have personal holiday insurance in place before travelling.  WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT THIS IS TAKEN OUT AS SOON AS YOUR BOOKING HAS BEEN CONFIRMED, in the event of accident or illness which arises between booking and travelling.

We are able to offer this as a service to our clients.  Please let us know if you would like to receive a quotation.